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  • Lacasse Cite Series

    Every single day you face interaction. You get together with your coworkers and brainstorm ideas and concepts, share projects and results. There is a lot of activity around you. This is why you need to define work zones where both teamwork and individual work can cohabit cohesively, where everyone finds harmony.

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  • Global New Release Arti

    Arti comes with our patented flexible back support system. The inside of the back support is comprised of 17 articulating sections that are linked together but move independently of each other.

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Office Furniture Is The Office Shop

The Office Shop is a full Office Furniture Dealership serving Toronto and across Canada. Since our founding in 1996, The Office Shop has earned its reputation for cultivating strong, long-lasting partnerships. Working with our customers, we enable them to reduce capital and operating expenditures, while enhancing workplace effectiveness, with over 20 years of proven experience and leadership.

Our space planning specialists offer a complete 3D manufacture drawing, using C.A.D and Data 1 Software. Our design and sales team is committed to providing practical, modern and ergonomic office solutions. Working as a team, the client and design consultant are able to achieve success.

The Office Shop distributes office furniture new and used throughout Canada. Utilizing a large selection of quality manufactures our design and sales team are able to meet any office needs and specifications. Whether your budget is modest or large, our team of professionals is able to work within it.

The design and sales team is always dedicated to each individual project. We listen closely to our clients to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction. Drop by our showroom and meet with an Office Interiors Consultant today!

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